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Arranging Bedroom Furniture: What You Need to Do

Arranging Bedroom Furniture: What You Need to Do

Whether it’s a house or apartment, arranging bedroom furniture always come just second after the living room. After all, we spend most of our time in the bedroom, so we want to make it as comfy as possible. Here’s five essential hacks on making a bedroom as pretty and as effective as possible.

Your Bedroom Furniture Should Have More than Bed

We all know that bedroom stem from one necessity catered by the room; bed. However, all of us know that we need more than bed to relax in the room. Think about what you will do in your bedroom. Do you envisioned having chairs and loungers in the room? What kind of wardrobe do you want? How long the tables need to be? Will carpets fits in the room? Basics furniture for bedroom usually covers the bed, a closet, a nightstand and night lamp, and a dressing table with mirror. However, it will greatly depend on your lifestyle. When you know how you’ll life in your bedroom, you’ll have easier time to choose the right appliances.

Decide on A General Theme for the Bedroom

Arranging Bedroom Furniture: What You Need to Do

Never buy any bedroom furniture before you know the theme of the room. Look up to Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, or house and décor magazine for inspiration. There are TONS of style you can choose. You can go with minimalist, elegant, luxurious, cottage, natural, country, or certain colour theme for the room. Take a specific decorating style to have the best-looking bedroom and stick to it.

Measure Your Bedroom Before Buying Furniture

This is one of the most important things to do on purchasing any bedroom furniture that people keep forgetting. Always. Measure. Your. Room. You don’t want to blindly buy a dresser that looked oh-so-gorgeous right in a shop before finding that it doesn’t fit into the room. Some furniture even can’t make it pass the doorway and that’s the last thing you want.

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Make A Simple Layout Mock-Up

Arranging Bedroom Furniture: What You Need to Do

When you are done measuring your room, you might want to draw a small mockup of the bedroom. Draw the room on scale and add every windows, crevices, and doors in the room. This is the hack to plan your furniture better. Draw the beds and other furniture items you want in pencils. You can bring your mockup layout whenever and wherever you go. When you spot a furniture that you want, measure it, calculate it in scale, and look to your mockup if it can fit to your bedroom.

Mix Matching Sets with Other Furniture

Buying matching sets of furniture for bedroom is probably the easiest. However, you might end up with a room that looked like straight from a catalogue—without a touch of personality. Mixed it up! Instead of buying the same set for every piece of furniture in the bedroom, you can match a set of minimalist bed and nightstand with a rattan chair and antique wardrobe. A variety of pieces that complements but do not exactly match each other gives out the best look!