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How To Enhance Travel Experience With Your Skills

You can go travelling just for spending your money and having fun. Or, you can also do it with a little bit more of meaningful reason such as giving back to the local community. Travel experience is subjective. Every individual may have different experience even when visiting the same place. You can travel with a mission and enhance your experience in return. And you can do it with the skills you have. 

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Enhancing your travel experience with your skills

It is possible to contribute what you have with your skills to the community you visit during your trip. Sometimes, the opportunities just come organically when you meet new people, make conversation, and finally find out what unmet needs are there in the community. So here are some ideas in which you can use your skills to have enhance your travel experience in a meaningful way:

Milk your expertise

You might think your skills are not something worth mentioning. However, your skills might be everything for the people you meet during your trip. For example you are good at planting and gardening. You can teach the local or villagers how to do gardening your way and see if they are interested to learn. Or, you might be good at massage therapy and you can give massage the people and help them relieve those tension in their body. Those kind of contribution can enhance your interaction with them, allowing you to learn something more. 

Target particular group

Sometimes it is not about your skill being useless but it can about wrong audience to target for. Hence, you may brainstorm different target groups to see who will benefit from your volunteering. You may consider group of ages, animals, professional, educational, and economic group, gender, ethnic communities, etc. You can share your expertise at teaching math, English, dance, music, Yoga, and even art. 


You might think your life is pretty boring but it might be pretty amazing to hear for other people who don’t know about your culture and where you live. Therefore, you can use your skill at storytelling to share some stories of about yourself or the people close to you in your life. You don’t have to speak local language. Ask a person to translate what you are saying. Maybe it can be an opportunity for them to get interested in learning English. 

Help protect the environment

You ma not have special skills to contribute to the locals in a fancy way but you can help the locals to protect the environment. For example, you can help the locals with garbage clean-up campaigns, or you can help volunteer in a local animal shelter.  

Share your experiences

Share the stories with the people at home. You may give a presentation about what you did during your trip or write an article about it on local newspaper to raise awareness of certain issues. It is how you can harness your creativity and expertise to make difference to those around you while enhancing your travel experience.

Amazing Komodo Trip For Next Holiday

Traveling to Bali? Bali has reopened international entrances to all countries since March 7, 2022. Bali offers the charm of natural scenery, underwater, and unique traditions. Villas, resorts, or hotels with eco-friendly concepts are the main attraction for domestic and international tourists. In fact, Bali is one of the entry points for tourists to start a Komodo trip and meet the largest rare reptile in the world. For those of you who want to visit the island of Komodo from Bali, you can find a flight to Labuan Bajo and continue using the phinisi boat. 

Amazing Komodo Trip For Next Holiday with luxury liveaboard

Komodo trip with luxury liveaboard

An overview of the trip to Komodo National Park where your ship divides the blue sea with a group of green islands. You will start an adventure to hunt ancient animals and then dive into the ocean to a beautiful pink sandy beach. Komodo National Park has many islands for you to visit. Komodo waters are suitable for diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing swimming. Exploring Komodo Island is definitely mandatory to meet Komodo dragons.

There are many phinisi boats operating in Komodo National Park. The phinisi boat operator offers a luxurious and memorable Komodo island tour experience. The uniqueness of your Komodo trip is to stay on the boat without having to stay at a hotel. Phinisi ship facilities are like a five-star hotel with food service 3x a day during the Komodo tour package. 

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One of the phinisi boat operators, Hello Flores, offers a variety of boats ranging from standard boats to luxury boats. The available phinisi boats start from 1 cabin for your honeymoon up to 15 cabins for your group. Most of the cabins are equipped with air-con and bathroom as well as snorkeling & diving equipment. For diving lovers, it is better to ask in detail whether the operator provides complete and proper diving equipment for you to use. 

How much Komodo island tour price

Komodo island tour prices start from $1550 per night with luxurious facilities and are suitable for you and your family’s private sailing. The price includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or tea in the afternoon. The price of the Komodo island tour price, of course, varies depending on the type of phinisi boat you choose. If you are traveling solo, you can choose a sharing trip with prices starting at $500 and all ships have sundeck facilities.

The Komodo tour package 3D/2N will take you trekking to see Komodo dragons on Komodo and Rinca Island. Your cruise activity will continue with diving and snorkeling to see the spectacular underwater scenery of Komodo waters. In the evening, you will sail to Kalong Island to enjoy the sunset and bat activities.

A luxury phinisi ship that can be your luxury floating resort option is the Aliikai voyage. This phinisi ship can accommodate 15 passengers with a variety of activities ranging from kayaking, stand-up paddle, diving, snorkeling, trekking, and even massage.

Chartering Aliikai to explore the world’s largest and most remote archipelago is much more than a cruise. It is an unrivaled experience that will completely immerse you in exquisite nature, culture, and one-of-a-kind adventures.

How To Stay Entertained During A Road Trip

How To Stay Entertained During A Road Trip

One of the best ways to spend your holidays is by taking a road trip. It is also considered the most efficient travel since you don’t have to book a ticket and wait in line to check in and board. You just have to make sure you have all the logistics to last you on a road from car to foods. However, there is one possible thing to experience during a road trip; boredom. 

Ways to get entertained while hitting the road

When you are on a long flight, you have a seatmate that you can talk with from time to time to avoid boredom and silence. However, it is different when you are on a road trip, especially when you do it alone. Hence, you need to prepare sources of entertainment to help you through the road trip. And here are some ideas of fun things to entertain yourself during a long haul road trip:

Listen to your favorite songs

Listen to your favorite songs

Download and save all your favorite songs in a playlist. Hence, you can play them all throughout the trip and keep you entertained. You can keep the playlist in a USB so you can connect it to the speaker in your car. Sing a long with the singers and be free to be as loud as you want. Just make sure that you stay focused on the road while belting out. 

Listen to podcast

There is wide range of podcast now you can download and save for later. Hence, you can download as many podcast as possible and save them in your phone so you can listen to them later while hitting the road. You can also choose variety topics for the podcast and make sure to have comedy podcasts to give you the best laugh. 

Bring a companion

A road trip will be much more entertaining and fun when you have company. Bring a friend or family member with you to your road trip. It is even better if they can also drive so you can take turn driving and avoid over-exhausting yourself. Having a company throughout the road trip means you have someone to talk with. And even when there is time for silence, it won’t be awkward if you drive with someone you are comfortable with. 

Enjoy the scenery

During a road trip you must be passing by some of beautiful views from left and right. Enjoy them to the fullest throughout the trip as long as you stay focused on the road. Or, you can also pull over and get off of your car to fully enjoy the scenery while stretching yourself, removing all those tension in your muscles. 


Taking a long road trip while being starving will put you in a foul mood. Hence, it is highly recommended that you prepare your snacks prior the trip. You can make your own snacks for healthier options  or buy from retailer for size option. Snacking during a road trip also help you to stay fueled and focus. 

7 Reasons Why Ubud is So Loved Among Many Travelers

Ubud’s Cool Weather Makes It A Perfect Relaxing Getaway
Image credit: Instagram/@ ubudhood

Whenever someone mention about Bali, one of the town that always come into mind is Ubud. Perhaps it’s because Julia Robert’s phenomenal movie Eat Pray Love, or maybe due to Ubud’s strikingly beautiful landscape that frequently get featured in travelling magazines and Instagram travel pages. This lovely town has enthralling features and attractions that make it worthwhile to visit. In the foothills of one of the world’s most beautiful islands, you’ll find the world’s friendliest people, great food, and a unique and dynamic culture. When you combine the magnificent beauty of the rice paddies with the majestic Mount Agung as a backdrop, it’s easy to understand why Ubud is worth a visit, even if you’re only in Bali for a few days. Imagine spending a leisure time in somewhere secluded private villa in Ubud; with nothing but the greeneries, cool weather, and warmth of the locals surround you. It’s a perfect getaway indeed.

Using our considerable expertise and great love of Bali’s very own cultural wonderland, we’ll showcase some of the distinctive qualities that we believe make Ubud worth visiting over the next few minutes.

Ubud’s Cool Weather Makes It A Perfect Relaxing Getaway

Because of its cool highland setting, slow-paced village lifestyle, and overall laid-back ambiance, Ubud is a popular tourist destination for many. It’s no surprise that Ubud attracts spa users, yogis, and wellness practitioners because it’s cooler and greener than Bali’s southern coastal towns.

Great views await nature enthusiasts and photographers, notably along the Ayung and Petanu river valleys. Rice fields abound in Ubud’s settings, which are framed by lush green mountains. In Ubud, there are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from, whether it’s a budget homestay or a 5-star luxury chain.

The Certain Magical Wisdom Ambience This Town Carries

Ubud is as gorgeous as it is strange and mysterious. Such emotions can be found at prominent and old places like the Gunung Kawi rock shrine. moss-covered and dark temples for the deceased are hidden from the surrounding roadside art markets deep within the thickly forested sacred Ubud Monkey Forest. They’re out of sight, away from the shaded walks where the nosy macaques mix with similarly curious people.

Plenty Great of Private Villa Ubud to Choose from

Plenty Great of Private Villa Ubud to Choose from
Image credit: Instagram/@ kclububud

Ubud, like Kuta and Legian, is a favorite backpacker destination due to its abundance of inexpensive guesthouses and homestays. You may find a nice range of hotels for under $50 per night, the majority of which have a homey feel to them because they are mostly managed by Balinese families.

When compared to a larger hotel, the’staying with locals’ feature provides a closer connection to authentic village life, which is ideal if you’re looking for fresh cultural interactions on your travels. Ubud has a wide range of villas to choose. From a small yet secluded Ubud private pool villa to fully serviced luxury rentals, you can find what you want here. Some of these affordable luxury villa in Ubud also have the relaxing green views for which Ubud is known.

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Fancy Staying in Resorts? All the Choices are Jaw-Dropping

Ubud has a wide range of luxury resorts with breathtaking vistas, as well as cheap and locally-run homestays and guesthouses. Elegant chalets and villas, pools, water features, great onsite eating places, and spas can all be found against the natural backdrops of lush river valleys and greenery.

The Best Vegan Culinary Trip

As a vegan, Ubud, if not all of Bali, is a vegan’s dream. Even if you only eat local Balinese cuisine. As a vegan, you may eat very cheaply and very well with the local dishes. You can dine out every meal because it is so inexpensive. Vegan buffets cost around 50,000 IDR ($3.10) on average. Another inexpensive option is to eat at a local warung (family-owned business restaurant or cafe). Typical Gado-Gado (veggies cooked in peanut sauce), nasi goreng (rice dish), noodles, curries, tempe skewers, mixed vegetables, rice, and more may be found at these eateries. All of them are incredibly tasty, with a little or a lot of spice depending on your desire.

The Yoga Town

The Yoga Town
Image credit: Instagram/@adrianaagueros

Yoga to Ubud is like the strawberries to cheesecake. It’s no surprise that Ubud has developed into a spiritual healing and wellbeing destination due to its cool upland setting and relaxing nature scenery. In comparison to the other prominent beach resorts on the island, Ubud draws yoga practitioners from all over the world and boasts the highest number of yoga and spiritual shops.

Aside from standalone workshops or yoga retreats that offer regular lessons, nearly every private villa and resort in Ubud offers yoga or meditational classes as one of its main guest activities.

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A Town Packed with Adventures

If surfing is one of the biggest appeals along the coastal towns, Ubud offers rice paddies hiking, village cycling, and adrenaline-pumping river rafting. The Ayung River is the best river for rafting/ tubing. It’s home to Bali’s white-water rafting scene, and spend an amazing day out on the island’s longest and greatest river. You’ll be able to cool off under a waterfall, wade in or jump into crystal-clear freshwater pools, and see unusual birds and fauna along the way.

How To Get The Best Car Rental Deals For Your Trip

Renting a car is one of the most efficient ways to reach your destination. Landing at the airport, you must want to reach your destination sooner. Or when you travel with a your big families, you want to rent a car for more convenient trip together. When on a business trip, you want to fresh up and be ready for the meeting to attend on time. Renting a car is mostly for convenience and comfort. 

How To Get The Best Car Rental Deals For Your Trip

Getting the best car rental deal 

Regardless of how convenient it can be, renting a car carries its own risk. It is also an tricky affair because you might be worried of being charged with some hidden costs you were not even aware of. If you tend to travel often and always in need of renting a car, consider these tips to get the best deals:

Consider getting rental car insurance

It is recommended to purchase a rental car insurance policy especially if you tend to travel a lot. You can buy basic rental car insurance so you can avoid falling for add-ons and extras. To choose the best purchase, make your own comparison of plans, covers, and sums that suit you perfectly. Choose insurance plans that fully cover damage protection products, accidents, and theft. 

Book in advance

As soon as your flight is confirmed, start looking for a car rental and book. This way, you have more options and offers for cheaper, better deals due to early booking. You can also take the most of various offers such as discount and coupon the company provide on their website. However, stay mindful to avoid the risk of being scammed by fake companies. 

Avoid rental car excess 

It is best that you don’t buy insurance from the company if you have already had independent car rental damage insurance. With active insurance policy you have, you will pay first but then claim your money from the insurer if there is an accident causing damage to the car rental. 

Don’t be afraid to say No

Most rental companies often try to sell various things to you aside from selling their insurance policy. However, be smart when deciding what to and not to buy from rental companies. 

Have your child and booster seat

If you travel to somewhere in US or Europe, it is a must to use child and booster seats. However, it is not needed if you travel to Indonesia or Fiji. Usually, car rental company charges extra fee if you need booster seats. It is cheaper if you bring your own booster seat for your child. 

Pack your own GPS

Car rental companies often charge extra fees for enabling GPS feature. GPS tracking is very costly and the more you travel the higher the amount you have to pay at the end. Hence, pack your own GPS so you can get around your destinations conveniently and economically. You can convert your gadgets such as phone and tablet to GPS device and download various apps to navigate your ways.

Labuan Bajo Tour Package, Explore the Ancient Dragon’s Heaven

Confused about finding a Labuan Bajo tour package for your next vacation? This is very easy! Who does not know the fame of Labuan Bajo? Labuan Bajo is famous for the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, and especially diving spots which are stunning world-class destinations. You need to know that Labuan Bajo is a small port which is the entrance to the island of Komodo. Generally, to be able to reach the islands you have to use a fishing boat which has now turned into a phinisi. 

This attraction makes pedestrian visits to Labuan Bajo continue to increase. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has also made Labuan Bajo a destination that is not only a super-priority but a super premium. 

A view over the town of Labuan Bajo and harbour in the morning, Flores, Indonesia

Labuan Bajo tour package – Amazing Experience Live on board

Like a cruise ship, tourists will stay on the ship for approximately 3-7 days to do island hopping. Labuan Bajo tour package generally not only brings tourists to visit Komodo Island and 3 other big islands but also reaches dive spots. The Labuan Bajo sailing trip offers its own advantages for those who are on vacation with limited time. Along with the increasing popularity of the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, and their dive spots, it is easier for you to find Labuan Bajo trip operators online or offline. 

Large Komodo Dragon - Varanus komodoensis - with huge claws lying in the tree shade on sandy ground. Komodo Dragons - Komodo Monitor are the largest species of Lizards. Rinca Island, Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara - Flores, Indonesia, Southeast-Asia

Komodo Labuan Bajo tour can be an unforgettable holiday experience for your lifetime. Imagine, you can meet and take pictures with rare animals that only exist in Indonesia. Labuan Bajo tour packages generally do not include entrance fees to Komodo Island and ranger fees. 

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Why should you accompany by rangers? Komodo is not a tame reptile. The sudden movement of tourists can be a trigger for rare animals with their saliva which contains poison. Ranger is a dragon charmer who can help you when they suddenly become aggressive and will certainly be very dangerous.  

Magnificient View Of Padar Island of Labuan Bajo at sunset located in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. This is also the UNESCO world heritages

Ranger will help so that you can still take pictures safely. Keeping visitors safe is a big responsibility for every ranger during trekking.

The iconic Padar Island with its hill-shaped island and blue sea gradient in the background. The top of the hill is one of the photo destinations as well as a trekking track that is worth a try.

Kelor Island with island views and clear blue sea. Another no less interesting spot that you will visit during the Labuan Bajo tour vacation is Pink Beach. The red color on this beach comes from microscopic animals and reddish-colored coral fragments around the coast. 

Most Common Travel Scams In Some Asian Countries

Most Common Travel Scams In Some Asian Countries

There is always a risk when it comes to travel regardless how safe you think your destination is. It is pretty common for tourists to be an easy target fro criminals. Tourists often look standout and make them a perfect target. Hence, it is always necessary for you to do your own research about your destination prior your visit. Find out about the risks, threats, and other travel warnings so that you know what to expect. 

Beware of these travel scams in Asia

Regardless of your destinations, it is a must to prioritize your safety first. If you travel solo, you need to do more thorough preparation because you have to rely on yourself. Hence, planning and educating yourself prior your trip is a essential to have more enjoyable experience. And if you are planning on a trip to some Asian countries, here are the most common travel scams you need to be aware of:

Pickpockets on the bus in Thailand

Thailand is one of the loveliest countries in Southeast Asia. You can get around different attractions by a bus since the ticket is pretty cheap. However, you need to be careful of the risk of pickpockets. They usually operate when bus passengers are asleep and the lights are off. They like rummaging into backpacks and steal valuable possession. To avoid being one of the victims, always lock your backpack and keep your bag close to you. Before getting on the bus, take pictures of the company of the bus, the driver, and the number. Hence, it will be easy for the police to track down the bus and help you get your money back.

Miscommunication trick in Indonesia

Indonesia has so many amazing places worth travelling for such as Bali, Lombok, And Yogyakarta. Indonesia is relatively safe to visit by international tourists. However, there is always a risk of being a victim of petty crime. The tricksters try to do miscommunication trick to international travelers due to language barrier. For example, you take a bajaj and agree from the beginning that you will pay 14.000 rupiah for the trip. However, they later charge you 40.000 rupiah saying you have agreed to this price from the beginning. They sue the similar sound of fourteen and forty to trick you. To avoid this scam, learn more about currency and how to get around safely using public transport. 

Water scams in Bangkok, Vietnam

Vietnam is a heaven for food hunters since their authentic cuisines are far from being an ordinary. However, be careful with the most travel scam there if you plan on a visit. It is water scam that often targeting international tourists. There is already warning to tourists and travelers alike to not drink from tap water and stick to bottled water. And many trickster using this to their advantage. They take used bottle and fill it with tap water then sell it to tourists saying it is fresh, labeled water. To avoid this scam, bring your own water bottle or buy only from supermarket. 

How To Live A Life Of Adventure While Chasing A Successful Career

Lots of people especially those who are in the middle of building their careers suffer from difficulty to find a time to travel and have fun for themselves. They are so busy with chasing their dreams that they often end up suffering from severe burnout. So does it mean chasing a successful career is less important than having a time for yourself? Not necessarily

Living a life of adventure while building your career

It is possible for you to find a time to create an adventure while working hard to build your successful career. The key is time and self-management. There are times where you can take your annual leaves and plan for a trip. However, the problem is that you are too tired to plan all those preparations so you end up staying at home sleeping and eating instead. So here are the tips for you to try balancing your getaway with your career:

Find out what’s stopping you 

The very first step you need is to recognize the reason why you couldn’t find time to travel. There must be a reason that make you feel like going on a trip will only stop you from reaching your success. Or that, you might think travel is less important you can do it later after you have been successful. However, there is no guaranteed that you won’t get consumed by more responsibilities and workloads. Hence, try to find the real reason on why you cannot go on travelling and have fun. 

Is money your problem?

Money is like the problem of the majority of people even for self-employed people. Having your own business doesn’t mean you have financial stability because it is probably something you are still working on. However, a trip budget can be planned and managed. You can start by monitoring your finance for a month and see how the cash flow works. Then, start planning to save money for your trip along with your goals. 

A sense of purpose

When you think that your career is your entire life and how you value yourself, it will be harder to develop yourself into a better version of yourself. Why? Because what do you do for living doesn’t always define who you really are. You value your life in your own way not from how other people perceive you as. Your work won’t go anywhere if you take a little time off to pursue a great adventure. Don’t feel guilty about leaving your work because it will be waiting for you once you return. 

Does relationships stop you from having adventure?

Building a good, and healthy relationships with family, friends, or lovers is important. They are the source for your love and support in life. However, having a life-changing adventure doesn’t mean you leave them. If they are your good support system, they will encourage you to have a good life instead. Also, you may find and build relationship with like-minded people during your trip and that’s an amazing experience.

Exploring Snorkeling Spot Kri Island Raja Ampat

Snorkeling and diving are both difficult activities. The point is, before entering the water, you should choose a suitable location for such an activity. Kri Island became one of the best references in Raja Ampat Regency. The area is in the Meos Mansar District, and it has lucrative corals and a plethora of fish that are well worth exploring. In addition, the ocean has excellent clarity and a moderate sea swell. Kri is close to Mansuar Island, therefore its beauty and attractions are similar. It’s no surprise that travelers will visit both islands throughout their journey.

Exploring Snorkeling Spot Kri Island Raja Ampat

The Difference

The island is smaller in size than others. The majority of it is also covered in trees. Fortunately, certain beaches are open to the public, allowing tourists to participate in a variety of water sports such as snorkeling and diving. Swimming is also an option, particularly for novices. In truth, the waves aren’t that powerful. Near Sorido and Kri Eco Resort, there are a few diving opportunities. It’s no surprise that these have become popular gathering and snorkeling locations for tourists. Furthermore, the resorts provide a relaxing environment!

Kri Island Exploration

The creation of magnificent corals is Kri Island’s biggest feature. These are strewn about such diving areas so that anyone can simply investigate them. Divers are allowed to photograph the corals in addition to exploring them. One thing is for certain: they should never endanger those breathtaking natural wonders. Because of the destruction committed by bad people, the local government has paid more attention to the state of those corals. This type of prophylaxis should, in theory, eliminate any irresponsible behavior in the near future. As a result, more guests will be able to enjoy Kri Island’s genuine nautical beauty.

The next activity is a trip to Yenbuba, a local village. Some villagers live there, and they may be able to introduce tourists to the local culture. In fact, the majority of them work as fishermen. The problem is that they use a spear to capture the fish, which is a traditional practice. “Molo” is the name for this type of approach. It can only be done by locals because it necessitates both skills and expertise. When tourists visit the village, such activity creates a distinct attraction.

In terms of tips, visitors should have brought some cash. They’ll use it to rent a speedboat, a hotel room, and snorkeling equipment. It’s also handy for purchasing local groceries. After all, it’s a vacation worth taking. A thousand experiences are worth investing in a fantastic journey. Kri Island Raja Ampat, in this example, provides a wealth of benefits to visitors. It is very close to Mansuar, so visitors can enjoy two different islands.

Travel Tips For Seniors Who Want To Explore The World

There are so many beautiful around the world you can explore. Even if you think you are not young anymore, it should not discourage you from creating your own adventures. If it is your time to retire from your work, you no longer have to worry about putting in vacation requests. Get ready to explore the world your own way. Of course aging has its perks regardless of travel mode you choose. What you need to pay attention to is what kind of assistance you need, what benefits or discounts available for you, and what can you expect from your travel plan.

Travel Tips For Seniors Who Want To Explore The World

Tips for seniors to explore the world comfortably and safely

One of the most challenging things about senior travel is the lack of mobility. Many seniors are suffering from variety of discomfort due to their old age. You might also have particular health problems that limit you from particular activities that can put you health and safety at risk. Hence, always pay attention to what you need first. 

Determine travel mode that suits you

You can travel by car, RV, airplane, train, or cruise ship. Your top priority should your safety regardless of travel mode you choose. If you choose to travel by car or RV, make sure that your ride is in good condition. Have it checked out by professional so you know it is ready to go. Prepare your map and other essentials for a road trip. Driving can be tougher as you get older but if you are fit to do so then why not? If it is impossible for you to drive, take travel companion with you. Also, plan for frequent break so you get chance to stretch, go to the toilet, eat, etc. 

If you travel by plane, you need different preparation. Airplane offers quick travel but the process of gong to and from the airport is what you need to be cautious of since it can be time-consuming. If you have any issues with your health or mobility, make sure to inform the airline in advance so they can prepare the right assistance for you. Also, do not forget to pack your medication given by your doctor prior the trip. Put them in your carry-on for easy access. Pack extra batch of your medication just in case your return gets delayed and you have no access to get medication needed. 

Enjoy your adventures

It is important that you pay attention to everything related to your safety and health concerns. However, do not forget to enjoy your trip and try not to constantly worrying over things. You can follow itinerary you have made prior to the trip and enjoy every moment of it. It is a moment that you fully look around your surroundings and appreciate the beauty that the world has. Meet new people and find connection. It is never too late to make new friends. Brace yourself to try out new things or maybe the things  that have been on your bucket lists.