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Bali Tattoo Studio: What NOT to Do – Getting a Tattoo During Holiday

Getting a tattoo while you’re on a holiday on the Island of the Gods—Bali—is as exciting as it can get. Rich culture, amazing beaches, friendly, smiling locals—a holiday in Bali is something to be remembered. Getting inked at a Bali tattoo studio is one way to do it. But wait, you’re on a holiday. Are you really up to the task of caring for your tattoo while you’re on that mindset? Don’t just stroll inside the first tattoo studio in Bali that you saw while impulsively wanting to get permanently inked. What are some of the things you should take note of when you’re getting tats during your holiday in Bali?

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Bali tattoo studio advises: do NOT swim 

Want to show off your new tattoo as soon as you’ve gotten one? What better way than to show it off in a swim suit? Sorry, not this time, dude. Just NO. this is why planning your holiday is so important. You can’t just get a tattoo and expect yourself to be able to swim the next day. You wouldn’t do it at home. So why should you do it here in Bali? Treat your tattoo like you would any open wound. You can’t swim for at least a few weeks to a few months. Let your newly wounded skin heal.

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Ask your Bali tattoo studio how long a tattoo like yours would take to heal. And while your tattoo artist’s words are not medical advice, they have dealt with a lot of customers on a daily basis and they’re the ones most likely who would be able to give you some insights on your particular tattoo. 

You’re not supposed to sunbathe when you’re getting a tattoo 

UV rays are harmful to your skin, and even more so when your skin is currently wounded. Not to mention, exposure to sunlight can alter the pigmentation of not just your skin, but also that of your tattoo. It’s also well-known fact that tattoos that gets exposed often or for a long period of time to the sun will fade or alter quicker. 

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While it’s obvious that you can’t sunbathe after the inking is done and your tattoo wound is healing, it’s also important that you don’t sunbathe right before you’re getting tattooed. If you’re planning on getting a tan, make sure that you don’t do it within the 2-3 days of you getting inked. Let your skin heal first. Because tanning does damage your skin. Some studio tattoo Bali would sell lotions to keep your tattoo and your skin hydrated, so make sure to invest on that as well.

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Other things to note when you’re getting a tattoo in Bali during holiday 

studio tattoo bali find a reliable artist

  • Do your research! Getting a tattoo in Bali is the same as you would at home. Make the most use of the internet and explore some tattoo studio design works or tattoo artists’ social media feed. Have a reliable tattoo artist from a reputable Bali tattoo studio that you trust do your ink.
  • Do plan your holiday out with the tattoo appointment in mind. Many people visiting Bali and getting a tattoo do so during the last days of their holiday on the island. 
  • Do other things aside from the obvious beach visits, swimming, and sunbathing. Bali has so much to offer aside from just the mainstream activities mentioned above. 
  • Do not wear tight clothing when you’re getting a tat. Wear the most comfortable clothing that you can easily lift or take off where you’d like your ink to be made. Also make sure not to wear the tight clothing during the healing process of a tattoo.