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Highly Recommended Cuisines From Northern Thailand

Food hunting in Thailand is one of highly recommended activities during your visit. Of course, there are many other things to do during your trip such as visiting floating market, temple, or wonderful nature. However, Thai foods are very distinctive and flavorful. You can find Thai foods almost everywhere around the world. However, tasting Thai cuisines in Thailand can give you different experience resulted in personal satisfaction. Thailand cuisines are varied. Northern Thailand is dominating Thai cuisines. There are many of them worth tasting for. It is also easy to have a food feast in Thailand. You can go to restaurants, street vendors, or floating market. 

Culinary specialties from northern Thailand to try

Northern Thai cuisines have their own culinary history which make them even more special. Not to mention their unique ingredients and recipes which make their dishes even taste more distinctive. Here are most recommended northern Thai foods to try during your visit in Thailand:

Khao Thaen is more like snack made from sticky rice. This rice cake snack is prepared with sugar, sesame, salt, and watermelon juice, resulted in flavorful taste. This snack must go through natural drying process in the sun then deep fried. The last touch is to drizzle it with palm sugar. This Thai sweets have crunchy texture, sweet flavor, and delicious fragrant. You can find this sweet snack in almost every corner of Thailand. Have this snack while exploring Thailand.

Khao Soi is a curry soup with crunchy fried noodles. It is added with other ingredients include tender beef or chicken and vegetables. This is often claimed as a city dish. This is also most preferred dish by Muslim travelers since it is made with and prepared in halal ingredients and cooking process. The meaty, curry soup itself has thick texture but lighter than the real curry. So it still tastes light. This dish is great for lunch or dinner.

Nam Phrik Num is not a full-course meal but rather a Thai dip. This is popular dish from Northern Thailand. It is basically made from grilled chilies, shallots, and garlic. It is best to serve with sticky rice and hard-boiled eggs. However, it is now often served with deep-fried chicken. This dish is very flavorful. You can taste the sweet, spicy, salty, oily and savory flavor from this dish alone. 

Khao Soi Nam Naa is another northern Thai dish worth a taste. This is basically a rice noodle soup. However, it doesn’t have any infusion of coconut mil or curry soup like any other Thai soups. The rich flavor comes from a paste formed from minced pork belly, dried chilies and fermented soybeans. The paste is simmered in pork fat. The broth taste simple and light yet still delicious and savory. The meaty topping is also the highlight of this dish. 

There are many other northern Thai cuisines you should try during your visit in Thailand such as Khao Kan Jin, Jin Tup, and Muu Phan Pii. Those have distinctive rich flavors which make them taste heavenly in your mouth.

Serving Alcohol Catering Bali – What You Need to Know

Alcoholic beverages are one fun part of a celebration, be it weddings or other events. But while hiring a catering Bali to have an open bar for your guests is a sure way to pump up the party, there are some things that you needed to know. 

Catering Bali we all know guests love an open bar!

Aside from the food that your guests stay for, some of the people you and your partner invite are excited to make their way to the bar. Social drinking is one of the highlights of the party after all. 

Sometimes with wedding catering budget restriction it’s just not possible for you to have an open bar for the entirety of your reception. So what can you do then? Let’s talk about being creative with your wedding planning on the catering Denpasar part!

Low on Bali catering budget? Skip the champagne 

Toasting with glasses of champagne is after all, a tradition at most. Serving those bubbly glass sure is fun, but people usually don’t drink more than a few sips at most after a toast. Here are other alternatives that you can do to cut on the champagne: 

bar catering bali
  • Use smaller glasses for your toast – and for your general drinking necessities if your catering Bali can provide it. 
  • Ask your catering staff to pour small amount of champagne for each glass. This is best pre-done so that your guests can simply take their glasses their own and prevent them from asking for more. 

Bar and Buffet catering Bali – limit the options 

You don’t have to have a full bar for your wedding. Hiring a full open bar from catering Bali is definitely going to cost you some fortune when budget is at the forefront of your concern. Limit the options instead. You can do this simply by sticking to having several types: 

  • Wine 
  • Beer 
  • Whiskey 
  • Vodka 

You can even take out one of them. Is the beer your least favorite? Take them out of the list. Alternatively, you can also go with only one option, like wine, and serve several types of brand instead. 

bali catering

Have a limited-time bar catering 

Another way to cut the cost of your alcoholic beverages for your catering Bali you can try by cutting down the time when the bar’s going to be open. Aside from cutting down your cost, you can also prevent your guests from drinking themselves silly. Having the bar open for the entirety of the event is plenty of opportunities for people to get drunk. And while your Bali catering company actually have the right to cut on the alcohol for a guest if they think they’re over drinking, limiting the bar time from the start is going to make things easier for you. 

wedding catering bali

Make sure that your Bali catering company have the license to serve alcohol 

You’d love to have alcohol served, sure. And you’re all ready to hire just the right bar catering Bali to serve you and your guests. But not all caterers will tell you whether they have a license to serve alcoholic drinks. This doesn’t just happen in Bali for destination weddings but other places as well. So make sure that you ask your Bali caterers clearly whether they have an alcoholic license so that you can be rest assured.