Most Common Questions About Travel

Most Common Questions About Travel

Some people prefer to be more thorough when it comes to preparation. They don’t like anticipating the unexpected so that’s why they like asking lots of questions. However, it is not only well-prepared travelers who like asking travel-related questions but also first time travelers. Traveling for the first time can be daunting in some ways. However, you can deal with it by being informed about important things related to travel so you can travel with ease.

Answers for the most commons questions about travel

You don’t have to worry if it is your first time travel because most of questions about travel have answers, from preparation of travel to cope with post-travel blues. Here are some of most frequently asked questions about travel with the answers:

Should I book in advance? This answer to this question is relative. It depends on your preference. However, you can also use few strategies to guide you choose what’s right for your trip so you don’t have to overpay. For domestic travel, it is recommended to book one or two months in advance. As for international travel, you may need to book more advance than that. Also, you have to consider busy time of the year. Peak travel to major destinations can cause you lots troubles when booking.

How to find the best travel deal? There is no one infinite answer to this question. To get the best deal, it is important for you to browse through. Shopping around to see what every booking site offers to you. However, it will be easier for you to find the best deals if you are more flexible. For example, you can fly out on weekdays instead of weekend and it can save you money for sure.

How to avoid spending too much money for travel? The answer is how you travel. Almost every aspect of travel such as transport, accommodation and foods require you to spend money. However, you can choose what you prefer. For example, you can choose airlines that don’t charge baggage fee. You can also prefer cheaper transport for travelling. Hotel fees can be avoided if you choose not to use certain service.

How to deal with delayed or canceled flights? The answer to this question depends on the situation, if the cause of the delay and cancellation is something the airlines have control of such as mechanical fault, you are usually provided with a re-booked flight, hotel stays, voucher meals, etc. If the situation is out of the airline’s control, refund is usually the solution they give to the passengers.

Is travel insurance important? The answer is again relative. It depends on the risk and individual’s preference. If you don’t travel frequently especially to different countries, then buying travel insurance maybe not your priority. However, if you are frequent traveler or you are travelling in risky time of year then buying travel insurance can be a good option. It will help you a lot when you need medical treatment when you are travelling to unfamiliar places.

Trekking Holidays in Padar Island

Padar Island

Padar Island is one of those places that tends to be overlooked by many travelers on the earth, but they don’t know what they’re missing out on here! The stunning island is one of the most beautiful and underrated vacation destinations. It is the third-largest island within the Komodo National Park and located between Rinca Island and Komodo Island. With its turquoise seas, steep mountains, and hills, Padar is an island with remarkable natural beauty. The stunning island is surrounded by a vast blue ocean and several small islands. From the island’s summit, you can see more beautiful beaches than you can count on your fingers.

Adventure Trekking in Padar Island

How would you feel to get on top of the island, explore the hill, and live an adventure within nature? Breathtaking, right! Well, Padar Island happens to be the land of the hills, which offers all adventurers a lot of places to explore and a liberating sense of victory. The topography of this island with steep hills and mountains make the island perfect for a trekking holiday. Travelers can climb the hill to enjoy the panoramic view from the top. You can see the best view of the blue sea and the surrounding small island are enchanting. This place is also perfect for both sunset and sunrise. This island stands 238 m above sea level and has 768 stairs to climb. This journey is accessible to all levels of fitness. No need to worry; it shouldn’t take much longer than 30 minutes.

Padar Island

How to get the Island?

To reach Padar, you can either take a day tour from Labuan Bajo or by liveaboard. There are several flights to and from Labuan Bajo that can be contacted via Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Lombok, Makassar, and Kupang. But, the best way to explore this island is by liveaboard. Choosing a great liveaboard is not that difficult. You need to consider the budget, length of the sailing trip, and itinerary.

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Tips for Trekking

For hiking enthusiasts, the hill of Padar provides a unique landscape to enjoy the great and fun outdoors. Here are the best tips for a trekking holiday! 

  1. Don’t forget your sunscreen. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. The sun on the island is just so hot, so you may get an irritating sunburn if you do not use sunscreen. 
  2. Wear the right walking boots. Do not wear sandals for trekking, because the slope is quite slippery.
  3. Bringing a camera is a must. You can capture a lot of beautiful pictures here. The view from the hill will be so beautiful!
  4. Rest your feet when you are tired. It would be best if you went at a comfortable pace for you so you can enjoy, relax and soak up the surroundings along the way.

Things You’d Better Leave Out Of Carry-On Bag For Travel

Things You’d Better Leave Out Of Carry-On Bag For Travel

Packing is important part of travel because you need to make sure that you have everything you need for smooth travel. However, it is often that people don’t know what to pack or how much to pack. In fact, many people still don’t know how to pack properly. For a trip, you can use any bag that have enough space to keep your belongings. Usually, you can bring a suitcase and a carry-on bag. A suitcase is usually for keeping your clothes and heavy items. Meanwhile, carry-on bag is usually for more personal and important items since it will always be close to you throughout the trip.

Things not to include into your carry-on for travelling

There are items that best to be kept in the suitcase and those that can be put inside a carry-on bag. And here are things you should not put into your carry-on bag for smooth travel:

Battery-operated items. It is best to put them inside your suitcase instead of carry-on bag. It is because they are easily activated when jostled around. It may draw the attention of the security when they turn on suddenly. If you need to keep them in your reach throughout the trip, make sure to take the battery out or switch the off button properly.

Strong-smelling foods. It is good to pack your own foods or snack so you know that foods are safe for you to eat since you know how it was proceeded. However, be more considerate when choosing the type of foods to pack into your carry-on bag. Avoid any strong-smelling foods because it may disturb others. Even if they are safely tucked inside your bag, the smell still leaks and cause discomfort to many.

Liquids over 3.4 ounces by volume. Not all travelers know about the 3-1-1 rule it seems since the checkpoint trash is always full of oversized bottles. Keep in mind not to bring anything in liquid, aerosol, or gel substance over 3.4 ounces.

Chocolate, cheese, and meats. Be careful if you want to pack these foods into your carry-on. Even if they are not harmful, the X-rays machines can’t tell the differences between cheese and a plastic explosive. Hence, you will likely be asked to unpack your bag for a bag search to ensure you are not violating the rules. It is better to leave those foods out of your bag.

Sports equipment. Golf clubs, baseball bats, ski poles, and pool cues are example of prohibited items to pack because they are considered dangerous. They are potentially be used as weapon. So it is better putting them in checked baggage instead. However, smaller items like baseball and basketballs are usually allowed.

Any weapons are not allowed to be packed in the carry-on bag such as knives, gun, grenades, etc. Even self-defense items such as small knives, stun guns, and mace are prohibited. They are not allowed in the cabin so do not pack them in your carry-on or else you will face trouble during security check.

Papua Diving: Top 3 Reasons Why You Need It

Papua Diving

If you have been daydreaming about Papua Diving holidays, you may already have some idea of what to expect. Warm turquoise water, white sandy beaches, hot sunny days are some of the things that come to mind when thinking of Papua. The regions are blessed with stunning coral reefs and along with many different species of colorful marine life. New divers, intermediate or experienced are all catered to here, with a range of dive spots to suit every level. So it’s time to drop what you’re doing and book a diving trip in right away, here are a few of the top reasons to consider booking those diving journeys you have always wanted to enjoy.

Why book Papua Diving holidays?

Diving is one of the best adventures you can have as a diver. In this region especially West Papua should officially be the best dive destination on the earth. Here are the top reasons why you can’t miss out on visiting this natural wonder.

Accessibility and variety of Papua Diving

Regardless of which island you stay in West Papua, there will be an amazing dive site within reach. A lot of amazing dive sites will be just off the beach of your place. The underwater topography of Papua Diving is extremely varied.  You can dive along reefs located on walls, slopes, ridges, underwater seamounts, overhangs, and pinnacles. The recommended locations for scuba diving are at Mike’s Point. It is one of the famous sites because of its explosive history.  This site is perfect for an array of macro subjects. Beside that, you can spot multiple cleaning stations that attract manta rays.

Amazing marine life

This area is considered a major epicenter of marine biodiversity, with over 700 kinds of mollusks and well over 537 corals and more than 1,000 species of fish inhabiting these waters. With an abundance of warm, shallow water, reefs, warm and a staggering diversity of marine life, the Papua is not known as a top dive destination for nothing. Here you can find a big population of Manta Rays. These Manta Ray are incredibly smart, inquisitive and a true joy to be around with! If lucky, you can also come face to face with the whale sharks. These whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world, and with their friendly nature. It’s no wonder the whale sharks are such a popular fish to look for.

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Consistency of dive conditions

Scuba diving here is famous for its crystal clear water with the ideal visibility for diving holiday.  Due to the coral reefs, as well as its temperature (up to 27°C- 30°C /81-86 °F year-round), visibility in the West Papua is incredible.  Visibility can change on a daily basis but stays around 15-30 meters.  In general, visibility is very perfect starting from mid April until in mid November.

Cure Travel Fatigue to Enjoy Your Long-Term Trip

Cure Travel Fatigue to Enjoy Your Long-Term Trip

Travel fatigue is underrated issue but it is very real. Lots of travelers, especially those who travel frequently for a long-term trip have experienced travel fatigue. Travel fatigue can be different from one person to another. It is total exhaustion due to constant alertness for too many days or weeks while you travel. A long-term trip is fun but more prone to travel fatigue. It is because your body feels like it has to stay alert all the time. It is similar to the feelings of burnout more or less.

Dealing with travel fatigue during long-term trip

When you are on a long-term trip and experience travel fatigue, you feel deep weariness and disengagement. It may not cause any major issue if it goes for only a few hours or days. However, it can truly affect your health if you ignoring it for weeks.

One of the signs that you are experiencing travel fatigue is the loss of excitement. You will also feel like it’s so heavy to steps put of your hotel room. You feel like tired all the time that you don’t fully enjoy places you visit or foods you eat. You may also feel irritability or experience mood swings. Sometimes, you want to cry just for minor mishaps.

To deal with travel fatigue, there are no one size fit all solutions. It means, the solution that work for others don’t mean it will works the same for you. Sometimes, you have to figure out yourself how to rebuild your moods and recharge your motivation.

You can try dealing with travel fatigue by indulging in activities you like the most. For example, you love dancing and you have ignored it due to your long-term trip. You can rent a dance studio or join a local dance community. This can help enlighten your moods because you do thing you are the most passionate with.

Try to find the roots of the problems. Sometimes, things that trigger your travel fatigue are so simple such as lack of proper sleep, lack of communication with your family at home, or lack of nutritious foods. If those are the problems, you can take a nap and get solid night’s sleep, call your family, or eat healthier foods with delicious taste to indulge your taste buds. 

If you don’t feel like going anywhere, that is just fine. You can just stay in your room and do nothing if it can help you recharge your energy and moods. You don’t have to be so harsh on yourself by setting up tight schedule. It is okay to skip one place or two since you are in a long-term trip anyway.

To deal with travel fatigue, you have to acknowledge it first. Once you acknowledge that it is a natural part of a long-term trip, you won’t be so stressed out about it anymore. You will be able to think more positively and find the best solution in your own way.

Papua Tour: 6 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Papua Tour

Papua is one of Indonesia’s charms that is located in eastern Indonesia. This place is famous for its exotic destinations and still awake. A variety of charming magnificence, both in the sea and on the land, you can spot here. Is it safe to say that you are wanting to go to Papua during a long holiday? Some people love to plan their Papua Tour with their family or best friends, some just love to explore around the world alone. Travelling alone might sound like a terrifying idea, but there are many advantages to taking a trip on your own. But solo traveling hasn’t always been a smooth ride. Here are 5 tips for solo female travelers to help you to solo trip in Papua.

Do your research about Papua Tour

Since this is your first trip, you really want to set yourself up for success and a fun trip. Knowledge is power and will help you feel confident in adventure out alone. Learn all you can about the itinerary you’re visiting before you even arrive. Even when you join an organised Papua Tour, it’s always best to know your itinerary in detail. Knowing the basic information such as tipping customs, cultural differences and the weather can go a long way.

Double check the Papua Tour reservations

Make sure you double check your accommodation and flight to ensure that everything matches up correctly. You don’t want to waste your money and book an extra night by mistake, or worse, there is no available room at all when you arrive late after a long-haul flight.

Make friends

Making friends along the way can enhance your overall travel experience and keep you safe, especially when you are going into a destination as Papua.  Meeting new people could help you to share the fun of exploring the newly found Papua, snorkeling, swimming, diving and camping stories.

Copy and print!

It is always a good idea to have an extra copy of your important documents like driver’s licence, passport, and travel insurance. You need to print and pack with you or send to your email. So you can access the documents from everywhere without the risk of losing the copies.

Stay in touch

Share your pictures and itinerary with friends or family, and check in every coupe of the days during the trip. As well as reassuring them that you’re having a great time and safe.

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Pack light

A lot of people pack way more than what they need during the trip. Keep in mind, only bring the things that you need. Carrying several bags gets quick attention and like many of the other things on this list will make you a prime target for thieves on holiday. So, will you be able to run while carrying your several bags? Actually, over packing will only slow you down.

Fun Activities To Spend Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation usually involves beaches, pools, amusement parks, a road trip, and many fun activities. However, this year is different following the situation of COVID-19. The pandemic is still going on and we have to do our best to help flatten the curve even if we have to stop ourselves from having a summer vacation. Fixing the problem does matter than just having fun. Besides, there are still many activities you can do to spend your summer.

Fun Activities To Spend Your Summer Vacation

Activities to stay fun during summer vacation this year

You and your family can still have fun with various alternatives this summer. Thus, you don’t have to be disappointed to skip option of concerts, cruises, camps, or barbecue parties. Here are some alternatives to keep you safe and fun during pandemic this summer.

Swim, Swim!

Swimming is usually related with summer vacation. You may not be able to go to community pools due to the restrictions. However, you can still have a blast by using a lawn sprinkler instead. It is fun to do especially when you have yard space. You can also get a kiddie pools so your kids don’t miss the fun. You can get the inexpensive one to let your kids cool off. Or, check out the lake in your area to see their swimming restrictions so you know if you can spend your summer vacation there.

Backyard Camp

Fun Activities To Spend Your Summer Vacation

The global pandemic is like a major bummer for this summer vacation. Family tradition this year is limited due to the restrictions and all. However, you can reframe your plan. You can have a camp in the backyard with your family. Many activities to do such as roasting marshmallow, telling stories, stargazing, etc. 

Culinary Vacation

You can also take culinary vacation to your home. Spend your summer vacation by trying new recipe every week in your own kitchen. Ask your family to join so everyone can have fun. To make it more interesting, try a recipe of delicacies from a place you want to visit. This way, you can learn new things while fulfilling your wish with the limitation and all. You and your family will be able to taste the authentic taste of Chinese, Mediterranean, or Hawaiian culinary. 

Hike the nearest trails

Hike the nearest trails

If you and your family like physical activities, you can go for a hike in the nearest trails near your house. It is refreshing to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the nature. Besides, hiking won’t put you in a crowd especially during pandemic when hiking trails are emptier. However, make sure to find out information and follow safety measures. Also, pack enough foods, drinks, and necessities even if your destination is not too far from home. 

Check out safe tourists attractions

If the area of where you live is considered safe from the COVID-19 and your local authorities have allowed people for going outside then you can check out tourists attraction in your own hometown. You can go visit a museum or any other places you have never visited. However, always practice social distancing rules to keep yourself and others safe.

The Most Important Rules for Scuba Diving for Beginners

The Most Important Rules for Scuba Diving for Beginners

So you have been expressing your interest to scuba diving and now you are having the beginners course. Below are four important rules of scuba diving you shall remember at all times. 

Essential Basic for Scuba Diving for Beginners: Never Hold Breaths

That one rule you must hold all above other rules of diving. Never hold your breath, ever. Breathe through your mouth as the air is provided by the regulator. Whatever happened keep breathing. You should remember it all times during your scuba diving for beginners training so it becomes a natural habit. Be alert with your breathing underwater; you need to always breathe, slowly, deeply, and continuously. Keep breathing even when you are under stress or in awe when seeing something wonderful. Regular breathing equalise our lungs and save it from possible injuries.

Try to Equalise the Air Spaces

Essential Basic for Scuba Diving for Beginners: Never Hold Breaths

Another essential thing to remember during the scuba diving for beginners lesson is learning to equalise air spaces between your body. You might not be aware of it when you are on the surface; on the land, with our natural atmospheric pressures. But pressures are different down there under the water. As mentioned before, we can equalise our lungs through exhalation from regular breathing. Another thing to learn in scuba diving for beginners is that we can equalise the ears and sinuses through Valsava maneuvre. This can be done by closing your nose and exhale through it few times gently. Don’t do it too harshly and only do it when necessary. 

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Do not Ascend Too Quickly

It’s easy to get tempted to rush on surface when you are still new to scuba diving. However, you actually don’t want to do that. Give your body enough time to adjust with different pressures of water as you ascend. You need to equalise the gasses that’s been absorbed by your body to the outside pressure. Ascending slowly also give time for air to escape from the the lungs. On scuba diving for beginners, where you would likely dive no deeper than 15 meters, the easiest way is to ascend is by following the rate of your bubbles. Advanced divers who do deep diving should make safety stop every three to five minutes to give better adjustment to the pressures. 

Beginners or Not, Don’t Do Scuba Diving without Buddies  

It’s very important to always dive with a buddy, especially when you are a beginner. Diving with a group of several divers allow you to plan the dive more carefully, do thorough preparations, and checking equipments in much safer way. Usually, one or two beginner diver will be assigned to a more experienced dive buddy. The buddy will be the one you will communicate with under the water and the one to call for additional help or emergencies.

Preferred Travel Alternative For This Summer During COVID

Many people have expected to be able to have a vacation this summer. However, the situation regarding the pandemic has not ended. Thus, people around the world are still cautious to go travelling especially abroad. Some have started to travel domestically following the lifted orders for stay-at home. However, travelling is still not strongly recommended because staying at home is still safer than going outside.

Preferred Travel Alternative For This Summer During COVID

RV travel for summer travel alternative

There are many ways you can spend your summer vacation. Instead travelling using public transportation, many have considered to travel by RV or other recreational vehicle for vacation. It may not be the most ideal vacation for some people. However, it is considered safer than going to the airport or station and mingle with the crowds. 

Choose Your Own Route 

There are many reasons why rental RV for summer vacation is good alternative. First, you can choose your own destination without worrying over the route. You can choose a route that is less populated or crowded so you can reduce the risk of interacting with other people. 

No need to stay at hotels

No need to stay at hotels

A road trip this summer with an RV is considered a good option because you don’t have to stay at hotels or any other places with the potential of interacting with many people. An RV provides everything you need for a transport as well as accommodation. You don’t have to book a room in a hotel and stay in your RV even if you plan for the vacation to last for few days. 

Reduce Toilet Stops

Using an RV to have a road trip also means can reduce the chance of stopping by places such as restroom or restaurants. You may have to stop by at the gas station to fill your tank but that’s it. A road trip using a car on the other hand still put you at risk due to its limit to provide what you need. 

Preparing your own foods

Preparing your own foods

Also, you don’t really have to stop by any store to buy snack, foods, or drink. You can prepare your logistics from home. This is also safer because you know the cleanliness of things you bring whether they are for use or eat. RV and other recreational vehicle provide more room to store items you are going to need for a road trip. Therefore, it is pretty reliable especially during the global pandemic. Even if your country has low number of covid-19, being cautious is still necessary because the threat is still there. 

Make sure it’s clean and sanitised 

Before choosing an RV, make sure you know if rental dealers clean and sanitize everything. Even if you have to pay extra for this service it is worth it than putting yourself or friends and families at risk. Choose safe campgrounds that are protected and officially opened by the authorities. Having a summer vacation using RV may still feel different today due to the situation. However, you can make the most out of it without putting yourself and others in danger. Always follow guidelines especially when you are in public during your trip.

Scuba Diving in Amed for Holiday; Is It Good?

Scuba Diving in Amed for Holiday; Is It Good?

The Indonesian island has everything an adventure diver could dream of, from encountering huge fish to using traditional Balinese boats. Snorkelers and divers in Bali are particularly aware of this place. The east coast hosts some of the most beautiful reefs for swimming and even historic shipwrecks to explore. Therefore, it is an ideal destination for those who are interested in the underwater world and love diving. So if you love scuba diving adventures, Amed Karangasem is the area you should visit on Bali.

Is Scuba Diving in Amed Expensive?

How much is too much? Usually, dive trip in Bali ranges about 2 to 2.5 million per sites. The price can go up if you take a diving safari trip, which means you gonna visit more than one sites during the trip. You should not be shocked by the price tag if you are looking for a diving package for your holiday. These are reasonable considering that you are paying for the equipment rent, transport, equipment transfers, and the dive master that will guide you in the destination. An all-inclusive packages might seems expensive at first. However, it also covers your lunch and accommodation at Tulamben, so it can be a deal, really. 

Learn to Dive in Amed

Learn to Dive in Amed

If you want to spend some more time underwater, why not visit one of the free diving schools in Bali or consider taking out a diving insurance policy before embarking on a diving trip? Amed is not a very deep reef and therefore ideal for beginners who have never had experience with scuba diving. It may be scary, but as an adventure sport it is certainly something to try at least once in a lifetime. No matter where you are in Bali, make sure you choose instructors and certified organizations that offer diving education. After the diving adventure you need to rest. You can also join forces with the local on a nice project to preserve the ecology.

Staying at Amed for Scuba Diving

Staying at Amed for Scuba Diving

If you are in Bali for 2 weeks and are as addicted to diving as us, Amed is one of the best. You can spend a week for scuba diving in Amed and explore a dozen of dive sites that lies around the village. It’s a neighbour to Tulamben too, which also boast the phenomenal USAT Liberty wreck and other wonderful wrecks lying in such shallow depth. It’s recommended to stay at one of the resort or dive hotels in Amed to immerse in the experience.

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What to Do After Diving in Amed

You can also visit traditional salt farms, make silver jewelry, practice yoga and make jewelry. If you don’t want to dive but want to see the underwater landscape, you can join the underwater tour in Bali. The coral reef off the coast offers great views of the city and the sea, as well as some of its beaches. You can also charter a boat and join visitors in other activities such as parasailing adventures, rolling rides, swimming, snorkeling, and other activities.