7 Reasons Why Ubud is So Loved Among Many Travelers

Ubud’s Cool Weather Makes It A Perfect Relaxing Getaway
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Whenever someone mention about Bali, one of the town that always come into mind is Ubud. Perhaps it’s because Julia Robert’s phenomenal movie Eat Pray Love, or maybe due to Ubud’s strikingly beautiful landscape that frequently get featured in travelling magazines and Instagram travel pages. This lovely town has enthralling features and attractions that make it worthwhile to visit. In the foothills of one of the world’s most beautiful islands, you’ll find the world’s friendliest people, great food, and a unique and dynamic culture. When you combine the magnificent beauty of the rice paddies with the majestic Mount Agung as a backdrop, it’s easy to understand why Ubud is worth a visit, even if you’re only in Bali for a few days. Imagine spending a leisure time in somewhere secluded private villa in Ubud; with nothing but the greeneries, cool weather, and warmth of the locals surround you. It’s a perfect getaway indeed.

Using our considerable expertise and great love of Bali’s very own cultural wonderland, we’ll showcase some of the distinctive qualities that we believe make Ubud worth visiting over the next few minutes.

Ubud’s Cool Weather Makes It A Perfect Relaxing Getaway

Because of its cool highland setting, slow-paced village lifestyle, and overall laid-back ambiance, Ubud is a popular tourist destination for many. It’s no surprise that Ubud attracts spa users, yogis, and wellness practitioners because it’s cooler and greener than Bali’s southern coastal towns.

Great views await nature enthusiasts and photographers, notably along the Ayung and Petanu river valleys. Rice fields abound in Ubud’s settings, which are framed by lush green mountains. In Ubud, there are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from, whether it’s a budget homestay or a 5-star luxury chain.

The Certain Magical Wisdom Ambience This Town Carries

Ubud is as gorgeous as it is strange and mysterious. Such emotions can be found at prominent and old places like the Gunung Kawi rock shrine. moss-covered and dark temples for the deceased are hidden from the surrounding roadside art markets deep within the thickly forested sacred Ubud Monkey Forest. They’re out of sight, away from the shaded walks where the nosy macaques mix with similarly curious people.

Plenty Great of Private Villa Ubud to Choose from

Plenty Great of Private Villa Ubud to Choose from
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Ubud, like Kuta and Legian, is a favorite backpacker destination due to its abundance of inexpensive guesthouses and homestays. You may find a nice range of hotels for under $50 per night, the majority of which have a homey feel to them because they are mostly managed by Balinese families.

When compared to a larger hotel, the’staying with locals’ feature provides a closer connection to authentic village life, which is ideal if you’re looking for fresh cultural interactions on your travels. Ubud has a wide range of villas to choose. From a small yet secluded Ubud private pool villa to fully serviced luxury rentals, you can find what you want here. Some of these affordable luxury villa in Ubud also have the relaxing green views for which Ubud is known.

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Fancy Staying in Resorts? All the Choices are Jaw-Dropping

Ubud has a wide range of luxury resorts with breathtaking vistas, as well as cheap and locally-run homestays and guesthouses. Elegant chalets and villas, pools, water features, great onsite eating places, and spas can all be found against the natural backdrops of lush river valleys and greenery.

The Best Vegan Culinary Trip

As a vegan, Ubud, if not all of Bali, is a vegan’s dream. Even if you only eat local Balinese cuisine. As a vegan, you may eat very cheaply and very well with the local dishes. You can dine out every meal because it is so inexpensive. Vegan buffets cost around 50,000 IDR ($3.10) on average. Another inexpensive option is to eat at a local warung (family-owned business restaurant or cafe). Typical Gado-Gado (veggies cooked in peanut sauce), nasi goreng (rice dish), noodles, curries, tempe skewers, mixed vegetables, rice, and more may be found at these eateries. All of them are incredibly tasty, with a little or a lot of spice depending on your desire.

The Yoga Town

The Yoga Town
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Yoga to Ubud is like the strawberries to cheesecake. It’s no surprise that Ubud has developed into a spiritual healing and wellbeing destination due to its cool upland setting and relaxing nature scenery. In comparison to the other prominent beach resorts on the island, Ubud draws yoga practitioners from all over the world and boasts the highest number of yoga and spiritual shops.

Aside from standalone workshops or yoga retreats that offer regular lessons, nearly every private villa and resort in Ubud offers yoga or meditational classes as one of its main guest activities.

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A Town Packed with Adventures

If surfing is one of the biggest appeals along the coastal towns, Ubud offers rice paddies hiking, village cycling, and adrenaline-pumping river rafting. The Ayung River is the best river for rafting/ tubing. It’s home to Bali’s white-water rafting scene, and spend an amazing day out on the island’s longest and greatest river. You’ll be able to cool off under a waterfall, wade in or jump into crystal-clear freshwater pools, and see unusual birds and fauna along the way.