Most Recommended Destinations To Get Married

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Ever think of saying ‘I do’ and exchange your vows in unfamiliar place that is not your home country? Well, it is not uncommon for some couples to propose, get married, and have honeymoon abroad. Some of couples choose it because they want to experience different settings for such memorable moment in their life, making it even more memorable. Even though it might take a lot more preparations, it is possible for you to get married in one of romantic destinations in the world. 

Choosing ideal destination to get married

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There are many things you can consider when choosing the most ideal place to get married. You may consider your budget, your time availability, travel style, accommodations, etc. To help you look for the best recommendations, here are several ideal places for you to get married:

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a very well-known destinations for any type of travel, including romantic getaway. This island is often called paradise island because of its unmatched beauty of nature. There are also so many sacred temples here which indicate the strong religion and culture. In Bali, you will get a little bit of everything from romance, intimacy, culture, luxury, and relaxation. You can opt for high end or low-key wedding in Bali depending on your preference. You can book a place next to green rice field, beaches, or even volcanoes. 


Thailand is another southeast country that also has remarkable beauty of nature. Hence, it is recommended to be chosen as a place to get married by many couples. You can marry next to the stunning beaches or magical waterfalls. In fact, you can do it within lush jungle with wildlife as the witness of your eternal vow. It is also said that getting married in Thailand is relatively more affordable than in most of other countries. You can book one of the resorts or local companies to help you arrange your wedding smoothly. 


This is said to be the place where the happiest people on Earth live. Exchanging vows on the shore of the Pacific surrounded by tall palms will only create magical settings. Celebrate your union with our life partner with mesmerizing Fijian choir filling the air. You can also have a traditional Fijian fire dancing ceremony to be performed during your wedding ceremony. Fijian people are known to be great at hospitality, where they love to help others. You can work with local companies or book local resorts to help you arrange your wedding ceremonies. They will help you get the best wedding ever. 

New Caledonia

It is a best place to get married if you and your partner have kind of different vision. This place has a little bit of everything, allow you and your partner to enjoy your different preferences. This place is also known as the French Riviera of the South Pacific. It is an island that offers the best of European and Pacific Island. You can get married at one of its stunning beaches, along with European sophistication and culture to complete it.