How To Get The Best Car Rental Deals For Your Trip


Renting a car is one of the most efficient ways to reach your destination. Landing at the airport, you must want to reach your destination sooner. Or when you travel with a your big families, you want to rent a car for more convenient trip together. When on a business trip, you want to fresh up and be ready for the meeting to attend on time. Renting a car is mostly for convenience and comfort. 

How To Get The Best Car Rental Deals For Your Trip

Getting the best car rental deal 

Regardless of how convenient it can be, renting a car carries its own risk. It is also an tricky affair because you might be worried of being charged with some hidden costs you were not even aware of. If you tend to travel often and always in need of renting a car, consider these tips to get the best deals:

Consider getting rental car insurance

It is recommended to purchase a rental car insurance policy especially if you tend to travel a lot. You can buy basic rental car insurance so you can avoid falling for add-ons and extras. To choose the best purchase, make your own comparison of plans, covers, and sums that suit you perfectly. Choose insurance plans that fully cover damage protection products, accidents, and theft. 

Book in advance

As soon as your flight is confirmed, start looking for a car rental and book. This way, you have more options and offers for cheaper, better deals due to early booking. You can also take the most of various offers such as discount and coupon the company provide on their website. However, stay mindful to avoid the risk of being scammed by fake companies. 

Avoid rental car excess 

It is best that you don’t buy insurance from the company if you have already had independent car rental damage insurance. With active insurance policy you have, you will pay first but then claim your money from the insurer if there is an accident causing damage to the car rental. 

Don’t be afraid to say No

Most rental companies often try to sell various things to you aside from selling their insurance policy. However, be smart when deciding what to and not to buy from rental companies. 

Have your child and booster seat

If you travel to somewhere in US or Europe, it is a must to use child and booster seats. However, it is not needed if you travel to Indonesia or Fiji. Usually, car rental company charges extra fee if you need booster seats. It is cheaper if you bring your own booster seat for your child. 

Pack your own GPS

Car rental companies often charge extra fees for enabling GPS feature. GPS tracking is very costly and the more you travel the higher the amount you have to pay at the end. Hence, pack your own GPS so you can get around your destinations conveniently and economically. You can convert your gadgets such as phone and tablet to GPS device and download various apps to navigate your ways.