Fun Activities To Spend Your Summer Vacation


Summer vacation usually involves beaches, pools, amusement parks, a road trip, and many fun activities. However, this year is different following the situation of COVID-19. The pandemic is still going on and we have to do our best to help flatten the curve even if we have to stop ourselves from having a summer vacation. Fixing the problem does matter than just having fun. Besides, there are still many activities you can do to spend your summer.

Fun Activities To Spend Your Summer Vacation

Activities to stay fun during summer vacation this year

You and your family can still have fun with various alternatives this summer. Thus, you don’t have to be disappointed to skip option of concerts, cruises, camps, or barbecue parties. Here are some alternatives to keep you safe and fun during pandemic this summer.

Swim, Swim!

Swimming is usually related with summer vacation. You may not be able to go to community pools due to the restrictions. However, you can still have a blast by using a lawn sprinkler instead. It is fun to do especially when you have yard space. You can also get a kiddie pools so your kids don’t miss the fun. You can get the inexpensive one to let your kids cool off. Or, check out the lake in your area to see their swimming restrictions so you know if you can spend your summer vacation there.

Backyard Camp

Fun Activities To Spend Your Summer Vacation

The global pandemic is like a major bummer for this summer vacation. Family tradition this year is limited due to the restrictions and all. However, you can reframe your plan. You can have a camp in the backyard with your family. Many activities to do such as roasting marshmallow, telling stories, stargazing, etc. 

Culinary Vacation

You can also take culinary vacation to your home. Spend your summer vacation by trying new recipe every week in your own kitchen. Ask your family to join so everyone can have fun. To make it more interesting, try a recipe of delicacies from a place you want to visit. This way, you can learn new things while fulfilling your wish with the limitation and all. You and your family will be able to taste the authentic taste of Chinese, Mediterranean, or Hawaiian culinary. 

Hike the nearest trails

Hike the nearest trails

If you and your family like physical activities, you can go for a hike in the nearest trails near your house. It is refreshing to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the nature. Besides, hiking won’t put you in a crowd especially during pandemic when hiking trails are emptier. However, make sure to find out information and follow safety measures. Also, pack enough foods, drinks, and necessities even if your destination is not too far from home. 

Check out safe tourists attractions

If the area of where you live is considered safe from the COVID-19 and your local authorities have allowed people for going outside then you can check out tourists attraction in your own hometown. You can go visit a museum or any other places you have never visited. However, always practice social distancing rules to keep yourself and others safe.