Before Buying Furniture in Yogyakarta, Know These


Let’s admit it. Furniture shopping is our adult guilty pleasure. It’s like a real life version of playing the Sims or dollhouse—only more permanent. Almost all of us have that perfect home and its interior in mind. We do enjoy the process of filling up a house or transforming rooms until we bring our dream house into reality. If you are building a house in Indonesia, you might want to consider purchasing your furniture in Yogyakarta — one of the most renown city in the country for its long history and expertise in carpentry.  

Before Buying Furniture in Yogyakarta, Know These

Design Your Theme

You don’t want to throw anything in your living room and expect to have a harmonious look between the furnitures! First thing you want to do is selecting a theme and sticking to it for the whole process. How do you envision your room to be? What kind of vibe you want to feel on the room? Do have minimalist modern feeling in mind? Maybe you want something vintage with seemingly non-uniform Yogyakarta furniture but resulting in harmonious and dynamic classical theme. Having a grand design will make it a lot easier for you to choose the furnitures, decide on colours, selecting complementary accessories, and many others. 

Plan the Layout for Your Furniture Yogyakarta

Fill up your room with furnitures without proper layout and you will most likely end up with a cramped room. Creating floor layout is essential for a successful build! Draw a layout pf your room and, based on your initial concept, start planning on furniture placements. Consult with architects and interior designers if you feel necessary. We have seen some interior designers make their layout plan by having a concept drawing and cutouts of furniture drawing for easy planning. You can experiments with the cutouts to see how the placement turns out. See the best placement to create the best flow in the room layout. You can do this during the time you hunt for furniture Yogyakarta. Take pictures of the tables and sofa you want, make the cutouts, and see how it fits to your layout. Only buy the furnitures when you are 100% sure!

Before Buying Furniture in Yogyakarta, Know These

Create A Moodboard of Furniture Designs 

If you truly want to achieve the ultimate aesthetically-pleasing room design, consider to create a mood board for your dream rooms. Keep your designers or architects updated about your mood board if you choose to work with them. Save pictures and drawing from punters that you like and gather them in your personal board. You can even print them when necessary and hang the physical mood board on the half-finished room so everyone can see it. It’s especially important when you have someone to buy your furniture Yogyakarta. A mood board and routine follow ups helps your vision is being met by the room builders. 

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Look for Furniture Yogyakarta Matched with Your Theme

Finally, it’s time to shop for your furniture Yogyakarta! We dare say this is the one thing that everyone enjoy the most—as well as the most stressful thing. There’s something fulfilling about hunting for furnitures at many interior shops and carpentry. Many of them are so tastefully designed that it feels like arts. You will get so many inspirations during your furniture hunts. And when you finally find the one that just match with the overall theme, layout, and budget, you will feel the intoxicating satisfaction that repays all the fatigues during the hunts.