Avoid Potential Hassle When Travelling With Tech


It’s a dream to be able to travel without taking any gadget with you. It’s such an ideal thing to turn off your phone while enjoying your vacation so you can fully relax and declutter your mind. However, it’s impossible to do so most of the times. Gadgets like smartphone, laptop, and tablet have become a major part of our lives. Even if you are taking them on vacation not to touch your work, you need them to take photos, save documents, watch movies, listening to music, etc. However, travelling with tech carries its own risks and you need to be aware of them. 

Common mistakes when travelling with tech

Travelling tech

Taking gadgets with you on vacation is not prohibited. However, valuable items tend to draw more attention especially if you visit a place with high criminal rate. Also, taking gadget may cause various hassle with your trip. And here are common blunders you can avoid when travelling with tech:

Taking or buying wrong adapters

This is one of the most common blunders done by travelers when they are travelling with tech. Adapter is vital for any device since it allows you to plug your devices into local outlets. Hence, it is part of essential gears you must carry if you travel with tech. To avoid taking the wrong adapter, make sure to buy the right adapter prior the trip by finding out what adaptor that works with the outlets in your destination country. Avoid buying too many adapter or choosing universal adapter. 

Connecting your devices to public hotspots or WiFi

Public WiFi carries high risk of being hacked. That kind of open, free network allow anyone to access it, making you more vulnerable to hackers who can easily access your personal and private information from your device. Hence, use only trusted network that you get from someone you trust or buy your own internet data. 

Buying expensive mobile data connection

Mobile data access is important for your trip so you can stay connected. However, it is often so expensive that it takes up most of your travel budget. Instead of buying expensive mobile data connection, buy a local sim card instead. Hence, research your destination and learn more about reliable local provider. 

Putting you gadgets carelessly

Yes, in some countries people ignore devices such as laptops or phones lying carelessly in public. However, it’s not the case in most of the countries. Once you put your smartphone carelessly, you might lose it for good. Hence, be mindful with how you carry your gadgets around during the trip. Don’t show it off in public so you won’t attract thieves.

Not backing up your photos

It’s possible for you to drop and lose your devices when travelling and end up losing all photos you collected throughout the trip. Or, your laptop’s hard drive unexpectedly fail. You can replace your stuff or got it covered by insurance but you cannot replace those photos you took. Thus, make sure to regularly back up your photos during the trip.